monnypenny7 asked:
"Do you know why I like your movies? Not a lot of them. Means that I will have the opportunity to see them in the cinema. Haha. My question. Did you watched old movies? Just interesting.. Thank you :)"

I feel like this question was for Shia? 

This is a fan blog… I’m not LaBeouf.

I have Charlie Countryman if anyone wants it though..

Anonymous asked:
"Hey do you know where I can watch or download Nymphomaniac online?"

No, but when I find a link I’ll def post it!

I think this is an act. He’s an ACTOR… A great actor at that. Lol everybody is falling for this. That guy is also annoying as hell.

I hate when people comment on someone’s personal situation. You’re opinion, your jokes, they’re all invalid. You are on the outside looking in. You will never know the real story, you will never know what he’s really feeling or thinking. This is why I don’t have a lot to say on all of these situations. This blog will always focus on the positive.


I was trying to remember why what he’s doing made an impression on me, but it’s because he’s doing a performance art much like Marina Abramovic, in which she sits and stares keeping eye contact with the people going to her exhibit. And it’s somewhat similar to Yoko Ono’s Cut piece, in which she sat without moving, letting those who went to cut pieces off her kimono, there wasn’t a set amount of how much to cut, people just cut as much as they wanted, and it was also uncomfortable, but it gave insight on people. 
But what Shia’s doing… especially with the bowl of tweets or comments of him, some really negative… and him crying, I personally think…that just, I don’t know really. I know that for sure…this makes me really sad for him, and maybe if I wasn’t so shy, I would go and visit this exhibit (and him) since it’s less than 30 minutes away, and see how it goes… but I’d probably end up crying myself. 

You should go 

"So in we go, and Shia is sitting in a chair, hands flat on the small table before him, with a bag on his head. The point is, he just sits there, staring, not responding to anyone’s questions. But just when you think he won’t blink, he lifts the bag and cries—a single, solitary tear. We witnessed that, and three other people we asked said that the Disturbia star had cried for them, too."
— On Shia’s #IAMSORRY